Oliver’s Mount road race circuit is England’s only natural ‘road’ race track. Situated just five minutes from Scarborough’s town centre, the races have been likened to a ‘miniature TT by the seaside’. Edge of your seat racing, the closest action seen at any race venue, friendly locals and a stunning setting are all key features of a race weekend at Oliver’s Mount.

Importantly, for the racers, the 2.43 mile track has always been regarded as a challenging, tight and twisty circuit, which tests their skills to the maximum. With a racing heritage that dates back to 1946, Oliver’s Mount Race Circuit has a rich history of motor racing and has seen many of the great riders race at ‘The Mount’ over the years.

We must add that Oliver’s Mount is a public highway so if you visit Oliver’s Mount outside of race days, please note that the speed limit around the whole site is 30 mph. Please respect local residents and other road users by sticking to these speed limits.

Oliver’s Mount Track

Oliver’s Mount Road Race circuit is the only real road circuit on mainland UK soil. Being the only circuit on the mainland it also has some very unique corners and characteristics. Here is the step by step guide to a lap of the circuit.


Start Staight – With Oliver’s Mount being tight, the starts are action packed and closely fought as riders fire off towards Mere Hairpin.


Mere Hairpin – The tightest first turn in motorsport and the second tightest turn of any track. Riders fight to pull their bikes through this left corner in first gear before heading up Sheene Rise.


Sheene Rise – An extremely steep pull uphill from the lower part of the circuit up to the esses on top of the Mount. Watching the bikes accelerate up here is incredible.


Grants – The first turn of the esses. Riders are blind on the approach as they sweep through Quarry Hill. With a nice kerb on the inside this right turn is a rider favorite.


Ago’s – Momentum is the key here as riders try to carry speed through this left turn before firing along the back straight.


Farquhar’s – The back straight is not straight. There is a kink in it and no one was faster through here than Ryan Farquhar. 140mph before braking tucked in the fairing trying to use the slipstream to make a pass into Palmer’s.


Palmer’s – Turn one of the memorial complex. Left followed by another left. A great spectator point with views out over Scarborough bay.


Lougher’s – A very tricky turn. Left again to exit memorial. Impatient riders can be rewarded with a highside. You have to be smooth on the exit to carry speed along Redman’s.


Redman’s – Like Farquhar’s this is a kink in the straight but is all important if you are to set up a pass into Drury’s. Jim Redman was the master here.


Drury’s – Another spectator hotspot as riders use this turn as a great passing place. A 180 degree right that fires riders back downhill towards Mountside.


Mountside – The tightest turn in motorsport and the best passing place on Oliver’s Mount. Braking from 120mph, riders dive inside here and block pass to move forward. It is an exciting place to watch as riders fight for position.


Jefferies jumps – The fastest place on the circuit with riders racing at around 160mph. Hitting the jumps riders fly through the air. The most spectacular part of the circuit.


Farm Bends – The newest addition to Oliver’s Mount designed to slow riders down before the finish line. An off camber right, left and right brings the riders back onto the start/finish straight.


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