Oliver's Mount TV Coverage - Bob Smith Spring Cup

Prime time tv coverage on a tv channel that everyone in the UK can watch free of charge is something that we have always thought would help the sport of motorcycle road racing and Oliver's Mount move to the next level.

That idea comes to fruition on Friday night - 5th May at 20.00. The 2017 Bob Smith Spring Cup will air on ITV4 in an hour long show that has been produced by Greenlight TV.

What we now need is the media and fans to promote this so we can get the viewing figures as high as possible.

The racing which took place at the Spring Cup was some of the closest and most action packed that we have seen at Oliver's Mount in recent years. The show is definitely going to be worth watching so help us spread the times.

In addition to the ITV4 coverage on Friday night, the 2017 Bob Smith Spring Cup will be shown at these times on these channels:

Friday 5th May - ITV4 - 20.00

Saturday 6th May - ITV4 - 12.05

Sunday 7th May - Eurosport 2 - 13.00

Monday 8th May - Eurosport 2 - 21.00

Monday 8th May - Eurosport 2 - 23.00